Comps are freebies. They are things or items that dangle before your eyes and they are free as long as you qualify. We gauze comps or freebies as something good because it satisfies our craving instincts. We feel triumphant when we acquire something of value to us.

Comps are used to change one’s gambling priorities, influences, and opportunities. A gambler foresees the future of his days at the casino if he has a third eye. He evaluates whether another day or two at the casino hotel will bring him luck despite a few initial losses.

Things change , and so do comps. As the losses increases, the more qualified a player becomes and becomes eligible to earn more comps. The comps change from mere key chains or fancy ball pens to an upgraded superior rooms with other free amenities like a free meal, three times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A player may even qualify to have an assistant for special needs and requests. This could also relate to a physically handicapped person whose mobility is restricted. As the comps change in value so do the players attitude towards gambling. He can be critical and boastful and be pessimistic about winning at all cost.

Here lies the dangers. The player will equate all his comps with being overly aggressive and proud or be overly righteous in pretenses. The comps suddenly engulfs the player to a player so different as when he set his footing the casino doors.

The comp has changed him to a happy person. Little does he know that in the end he is now playing for the value of these comps. Remember that comps compensate losers to stay longer at the casino.

Likewise the player puts on a show that he still has lots of money to unload. Comps equals casino wins. No wonder the rating of comps or better the war who has the better and more attractive comps among casino house has generated attention. Comps can make of unmake a player. Blinkers like the ones used by horses may serve a player to pursue this on to enable him to focus on the direction of his money and good bankroll profile.

A player must establish that his purpose in a casino house is to win and beat the odds of losing. If his intention is just to gather comps like little children wanting lollipops and ice cream to the fullest he is in the wrong place. He can get these comps at a shopping mall less the logo. He could save a lot of money if his losses are so great to warrant a few comps. Comps are just enticers to make you want to come back and be a loyal patron.