Blackjack is one of the most interesting games inside the casino . There are myths involving this game. However if you think you believe all these myths, think again.

Let’s discuss eight of these myths in blackjack. If you believe in these eight, you will lose your money. Read the myths below and learn from the mistakes of others and do not follow their mistake.

First on myths the list is, players used to believe that they should also almost have cards as 21 as possible. This is not the goal of Blackjack. The goal of the player is to simply beat the dealer. The best arrangement for the player is to stand so advantageous and where the next card will hurt the dealer more than the player.

The number two myth, players with bad vibes can make you lose. It’s wrong thought. The consequences of your actions alone depend on you. A player can not blame others if he loses. No bad person can make a player lose.

Yet there are boring and borish players that could affect the entire game. But it has been shown that no one can really affect gain and lose and one only has those individual to judge responsible.

The third myth of blackjack: the blackjack player should take the insurance. This third myth is the most idiotic myths of all. Insurance can get out 13 percent of all the profit that blackjack can pay the winning player.

Myth number four: The dealer is raging. Theoretically speaking the rules are simple, if you win, the composition of the platform favors you but if you are on the losing streak the platform is definitely not in your favor.

The croupiers only do their job. They do not have to make choices but they strictly remain the rules distributed to them by the casino. But the players on the one hand makes establish a different. Players can choose his decision and only he can determine how his game will be successful.

The fifth on the myth list is when the player leaves the table without finishing the game as this will cause other players to lose. This is another false belief. Nobody can make you lose but your own do.

The sixth has something to do with hope, in this case spells of hope. For example when the dealer has won twelve consecutive times and the player has not won all the games yet. He hopes and still believes he will win soon.

Myth number seven: The dealer’s two card is the most advantageous card of all. This is not true.

Last of Blackjack myths is card number 9. Blackjack players have often believed that it should not split 9. Do not beat on this. The player will lose a little if he split the 9.

The myths of the word itself are unreliable source of belief. Players inside the casino should not believe in these myths. The actual gain and loss of the player depends on his luck, skill and naturally risk.