Gambling started becoming a common activity in China even during the time of the dynasties. It is a typical business that flourishes in Shanghai, Canton, Hong Kong and Macau. These were the places were most Americans used to live. Many Chinese learned how to gamble from them and played with them.

There are also many popular games for gamblers that are inherent in China. These are Pai Gow which is also popular in USA and the Chinese Mah Jong. The first game has a feature called the bank which is represented by a single woodpile. One player becomes the banker for the game. The others will have tiles of the same wood. They need to group each of them in two. The value of which has to be more than the value in the banker’s side. The player who has the greatest value will win.

The literal meaning of the game Mah Jongg is the sparrow. This is an old game which was made for the upper class people before. A fisherman made this game so he can avoid getting sea sick. This game distracted fishermen to avoid feeling the waves of the sea and to avoid looking at their environment. Then a general had learned of the game and had the fishermen teach the soldiers so they can avoid getting sleepy. The original game was changed and different regions of China have different names for it.

In 1990 the game adapted an official name, Mah Jong. It makes use of tiles which are one hundred thirty six up to one hundred forty four in total. The participants of the game can opt to use the one with the seasons or the one designed with the flowers. This game is slightly similar to Rummy. However Rummy does not make use of tiles. Mah Jong also has a dice. The chips are used to serve as the scores. Usually there would be four players playing with the objective of getting the other player’s tiles. The set of tiles are either a chow, a pung or a kong. A hand that wins should be a complete one. It should have a pair of tiles that are the same and sets of four.

One of the popular games is called Sci Bo. The literal meaning of which is two dice. The players bet on the sum of the three dice when added. The bets depend on the total number. If you think the bet would have a ten then the bets are higher than betting on a two or three. Players use a shaking cup to hide the three dice. In casinos this is played using a platform that vibrates to shake the three dice. There is a monitor so that the people can see the result.

There are many games played for gamblers in Asia however not all the regions in China have approved to make them legal. Macau had made it legal already. It is a booming business there.