A subject that always comes up among new casino players concerns tipping dealers. Is it obligatory? How does one go about it? These are some of the questions, and it’s important that you know the answer to these inquiries.

To answer the first question: no, tipping in casinos is not obligatory. Some believe that if you win, you must give something to the dealer. That is not the case at all. Even if you win $500 at the Roulette table, there is no law that says you have to tip. However, just as there are no rules that state you should tip waiters/waitresses in restaurants, most people do especially if the service was good.

The same should apply in casinos. It doesn’t matter what kind of game you are playing. Most players tip the dealer if the service is good, regardless of whether they win or lose.

How do you define good service by the dealer? First the casino dealer must do his/her job well, that is, the game (whatever it may be) flows smoothly with no errors or lapses like flipping up a card. One mistake that happens is when a dealer accidentally shows up a card after a Poker showdown. If you were bluffing and won the hand, having your opponent see your card could affect your entire game.

Similarly, if the waitress/waiter or attendant at the slot machine is wearing a scowl or is surly, then there is no reason for you to tip, even if you hit the progressive jackpot.

On the other hand, if the dealer is courteous, professional and friendly, it would only be proper to leave a casino tip. Despite working in a glamorous and luxurious environment, the fact is that most of these people, attendants, dealers and the like, are making just about the minimum wage.

They are also working in a stressful atmosphere, and it would be unusual if they didn’t get yelled at by a player wanting to vent out his frustration when on a losing streak.

One other thing needs to be said: the dealer is on your side. One of the most ridiculous gambling myths is that the dealer is plotting to deceive and make you lose. On the contrary, these people actually want you to succeed because, as per human nature, it is more likely for winners to tip than for losers to do so.

The bottom line when it comes to tipping in casinos is quality of service, not the results of the game. To show your appreciation, make sure that when you leave the table there are a few chips there, or you can just simply give them the money (amount doesn’t really matter), and say thanks.

Playing in casinos is all about having fun, and the personnel there are doing all they can to make sure you do experience that. If their service meets or exceed your expectations, then a little token of gratitude is in order and will be much appreciated.