The temptation to casino games can sometimes lead to unthinking acts that its author may regret later. This is what happened in this family story of four sisters, which began in 2005, and has deteriorated to the point of ending in court. Indeed, at the time, with the agreement of the other two sisters, the savings of one of the four, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, were entrusted to one of them, aged 66 who was a former notary clerk. The latter has found a new companion who is also a casino player. So, they decided to use the sick sister’s fund.

Their act was unveiled in 2012, when the sick sister died because at the time, the sums that remained in the bank account of the deceased were not even enough to pay his funeral. The two sisters lodged a complaint and claimed their inheritance. The trial took place on September 23rd and the player was facing the court for breach of trust. She was sentenced to six months in prison with 18 months suspended, except for the 76,000 euros she has to repay.